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Global Shipping Service

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Written by Zangief Monday, 06 June 2016 23:10;


MJFLAIR Online shop supports global shipping, the checkout system are going to update automatically according to customer's choice about what country they live in, also provide 2-3 global shipping methods and fees for customer to choose with your placed contain and location you customer choose. MJFLAIR Online shop offers Chung Wa post system(Parcel post),(Express Mail Service) and TNT Express as below:


After adding product to cart, Click <Show cart> or upper-right <Cart><Checkout> to the checkout page.

2. Login confirmation

Customer have to confirm order with log-in status, can't finish order without login. Please fill in the account and password in upper-left <Login/ Social login> or can click the social icon to login by twitter, facebook, google plus or Instagram; Clicking registration if customer have no account.


3. Shipping information filling in

*means request field as email, name, address, country, region and mobile number.


4. Choosing country

Choosing country customer want to ship to before taking global shipping service.


5. Automatic Shipping operation system 

Base on the product list of cart and the country which ship to, MJFLAIR Online shop update the appropriate delivery way as well as shipping fee automatically without reloading in same page. 

e.g. 1:

After adding Stainless steel juicer and Hawthorne French Strainer to cart, choosing <spain>in country field that choose <Barcelona> in State/Province/Region field then you will find the result loading automatically. As you can see, if you want these 2 products ship to Barcelona that have 3 shipping methods and fees to choose:

  • Worldwide Delivery-Express Mail Service(EMS), NT760
  • Worldwide Delivery-TNT Express (TNT Economy Express) NT1700
  • Worldwide Delivery-Parcel Post NT542

Different delivery way, fees and time, you can take one suit for your waiting time and budget. In this case, you can take the cheapest way that waiting for 10-18 working days; Money is not the problem, you hope to get it as soon as possible, just take TNT economy express with 4-11 working days; Searching for balance, EMS is your best choice.

e.g. 2:

After adding Stainless steel juicer and heavy handle strainer to cart, choosing <Samoa>in country field but there is no option for choose in State/Province/Region field that means the shipping fees around all Samoa are the same. As you can see, if you want these 2 products ship to Samoa that have 2 shipping methods and fees to choose:

  • Worldwide Delivery-TNT Express NT2,020
  • Worldwide Delivery-Parcel Post NT426

Why you can't find the Worldwide Delivery-Express Mail Service(EMS)? Because EMS not support shipping to Samoa.


6. Choosing payment methods

After loading in same page when Automatic Shipping operation system (ASOS) provide the supporting delivery way, take the one you want then as same, ASOS update the payment methods corresponding with the delivery way you take immediately. In same case, if you take TNT Economy express to Samoa that got three payment methods for you: 

  • PayPal
  • Online Credit Card
  • Alipay


7. Order confirmation

If you choose <Online credit card>as payment method, the upper product list shows all detail include: Product price result(NT1,100), Shipment is Worldwide Delivery-TNT Express(NT2,020), Payment is Online credit card, finally the total is NT3,120. After confirmation, read and tick the terms of service, click <Confirm Order>, DONE!


8. Credit Card Online

After clicking<Confirm Order>, system is going to lead to credit card checkout page, filling in Card holder, number, VALID THRU, security number and mobile number, send.


*CO2 chargers is not for GLOBAL SHIPPING because of the export prohibited articles policy, you can order version without CO2 charger for worldwide.

*Important! Your order will be subject to local taxes and duties upon arrival in your country, which are levied when the package reaches your country. Any additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by you; MJFLAIR has no control over these charges and cannot predict and inform you how much they may be. Customs policies and tax rate vary widely in every country, therefore you will need to contact your local customs office if you require further information.

*Refusing to pay the local import duties and taxes will result in the goods either being: destroyed by customs; or goods being returned to MJFLAIR at the cost of the consignee (costs deducted from any refund owed)

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