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Bullet Three Piece Shaker

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Product Code:SKC20304

Product Dimensions and Weight

Product Weight: 800.0000G
Bullet style bar shaker from japan, big capacity(750ml) and easy to hold for make a amazing cocktail!
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Product Code SKC20304
Color Silver
Capacity 750ml
Weight 551g

18/8 Stainless Steel

Size Height-275mm
Remark Made in Japan


As famous cocktail historian David Wondrich said, when ice picker, scoop, shaver, spoon and strainer were invented in cocktail world, most bartender keeping focus on the issue by ice, "MIXING". In 1850s, "THROWING" or "ROLLING" can't work on the cocktail that combine egg white or fresh fruit whcih need be shaked hard, in this way, one kind of shaker  came up in new york that made in cooper, silver or stainless steel with more wider then mixing glass, make sure combined with mixing glass tightly and input more bubble into cocktail to mix well by hard shake, shake hard.

In american, bartender often use one shaker and mixing glass combining to make cocktail so called "Boston shaker" or "Cobbler Shaker"; "Cocktail Shaker" did't be known untill "Cocktail" this word showed up 1800s.With more bartenders start to research & design new bar tool, Edward Hauck from NY, claimed he invented the 3 piece shaker in 1884, included mixing tin and cap with strainer like what we use now.



Q1.What is different between 3 piece shaker and boston tin?

A1. In controling the variation of ice melting, 3 piece shaker is more easiler then boston tin; 3 piece shaker also can divide liquid from ice without strainer.

Q2. There are lots of shaker in store, which one is real fit to me?

A2. Depend on your sense about shaking skill, cocktail and temperature, the variation of ice melting and price issue, the more expensive shaker is not necessarily for you. .

Q3.What is the original history about cocktail shaker and how to use?

A3.You can check this article<How to use a three-piece cocktail shaker by Difford's Guide>.



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