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Aladin 007 Cocktail smoker(Limited Black)

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Product Code:ETH80901

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Product Weight: 1100.0000G
Aladín 007 is the professional smoker preferred by barman of the world. The all-metal cocktail cold smoker with a chamber that allows smoldering of the sawdust without charring or giving off a bad odor from the smoke.
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Product Code ETH80901
Weight 732g
Product Spec

Voltage  6v(AAAx4)
Remark Made in Spain 

The new Aladin 007 is specially recommended for cocktail use. Aladin 007 is the preferred professional smoker by worldwide bartenders, due to its special design for use in professional bartending, entirely metallic with a camera that allows a slow -burn combustion of sawdust without burning or giving awful smell to smoke. A wide base ensures gun stability, making it easy to work with it in periods of maximum usage. The new monobloc switch is located on the body, far from heat and protected from accidental blows or crashes. This smoking gun has the traditional fast connection to connect to our smoking bells Aladin Cover and the disco Aladin CD, getting a more stable and aromatic smoke. ¡Taste the smoked flavour in your drinks! With Aladin 007 you will achieve maximum technical perfection with cold smoked without combustion. Incorporate added aromas, essential oils, generating new and creative applications of smoking in your drinks.

This product contains:

Smoking Pipe Aladin 007 (new finish) - Connecting pipe - Aladdin CD set - Spare grids - Cookbook and user manual.


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